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About sunfiner


Our philosophy: integrity-based, strength first, whole heart, our company uphold customer first, service-oriented business philosophy to excellence it service quality, professional technical service strength, skilled customer service team to protect customers In the information age on the road speed ride, but also a solid, development, loyalty, efficiency, unity and innovation in the spirit of respect for talent-oriented technology, so that customers enjoy the latest achievements in the development of information technology at the same time continue to get the maximum benefit.

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The company's advantages - environmental health of the material

Quality engineering source of high-quality materials, our company from the construction of raw materials selected, the construction process and after-sales service and other aspects of strict checks, in line with the customer is responsible.

Specialized construction - careful service to customers

My company has a senior design experts and experienced, good quality, skilled construction team. Over the years the construction experience, so that the construction staff has accumulated sufficient professional knowledge and technical ability.

Perfect service - in good faith for trust

From the initial communication with customers to understand customer needs, to provide personalized design to create a program to the final completion of the project to provide after-sales warranty repair and technical support.

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The advantages of the company

High-quality products from the source of high-quality raw materials, our company from the construction of raw materials selected...


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